Best Places For Your Chinese Money Tree (Feng Shui)

Chinese Money Tree

When choosing a plant to keep in your home, there are several options you can go with. Some are complicated to take care of and may require a lot of attention and love. Others have interesting looks that you may enjoy with some of your interior décor. And still, others are simple and unique and may bring your whole family luck like the Chinese money tree. 

There are many great areas where you can plant your Chinese Money Tree. In the southeast area to help promote money in your life, the east area for better health, and the south area to help with fame and other aspects of your life. Make sure any location you pick has plenty of indirect sunlight. 

In this article, we will take some time to look more at what the Chinese money tree is all about, the best places to put this tree for good results, where never to put the money plant unless you want a lot of bad luck, and some of the simple steps you can take to make growing your Chinese money tree a little easier. 

What Is the Chinese Money Tree

When it is time to pick a nice houseplant to add to your home, there are a ton of options. Some are big and flowering and may take up some space. Others are smaller and can fit on a small shelf or counter in an apartment. But if you are looking for something unique and fun to add to your home, then the Chinese Money Tree is a good option. 

This plant is an easy to care for houseplant that slowly propagates, so you don’t need to do much to keep it growing and strong. It was brought to Norway in 1946 from China by a missionary named Agnar Espergren. It is still an easy plant to find in the area of Scandinavia, though other parts of the world may struggle to find it. 

The Chinese Money Tree is smaller and does well with container gardening. They will usually not get more than a foot high, and their green shoots grow right out from the crown. The ends have saucer-shaped leaves that are near four inches in diameter. Only one leaf per shoot is all that is found on this plant, giving it a unique appearance. 

The Money Tree and Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a system used in China and other Asian countries to help harness the energy of our environment to improve our lives. When done well, it helps us live in perfect harmony with the world around us because of the energy near us. Depending on the type of feng shui and the location of items around us, we can use it for money, fame, knowledge, or something else important to us. 

Adding Feng Shui Into Your Home

Many people think that it takes a long time to learn about feng shui and how all this works. It is as simple as keeping the home clean and moving items around in a specific order, and your energy will organize while you feel a lot better. 

A good place to start is to pick one area in your home that needs organizing and the energy cleared out the most. Maybe this is the best place for you to leave your money tree to help with this. You can pick the kitchen and living room to start, and then move on to a bedroom. 

If you need to get this done in some of the hot spots, there are a few places to work on. Staircase and door placement are good things to start with, and the color of the front door will make a difference. For example, your front door is the main portal for any energy that comes into your home, so taking care of it will help.

The staircase will be important as well to ensure the energy travels well throughout the house. 

Where Should I Place My Money Tree?

There are many places to place your money tree based on where you have room and how much luck you would like it to bring you. For many, the principles of feng shui are important for helping them to place this in the right location. 

When using the basics of feng shui, some of the best locations for the money tree include:

Chinese Money Tree 2

The Money Area

This will be somewhere in the southeast area of your home. This is the best place to put this plant if you have the room. It is going to usually have plenty of light for the plant and is the best location for conducting any financial tasks, like paying bills or earning money if you do so at home. Adding the Chinese Money Plant to this area will help enhance some of that extra energy for your needs. 

Consider where you normally do anything with your finances. If you pay your bills at the kitchen table, then put the plant there. If you have an office where you work at home or do retirement planning, then put the plant in that location. 

Chinese Money Tree 3

The Health Area

This is another good location if you are limited on the amount of room in the southeast area of the home. This health area will often be in the east area of the home. If this is an area that is wooded, this is even better. Many plants from China are able to represent a vibrant amount of wood energy, so they will bring all the healthy and nourishing energy to this space. 

Everyone wants an abundance of health in their own lives and the lives of their family. Adding the Chinese money tree to an area on the east side of the home can help, especially during the winter when many illnesses tend to get worse. This positive energy will make a difference for the health, including physical and mental, for everyone in the home. 

Chinese Money Tree 4d

The Fame Area

The third location that is best for the Chinese Money Tree is known as the fame area. This is somewhere in the southern area of your home or living space. This is going to be associated with the fire element in feng shui. The wood element that we talked about before is going to feed in the fire element, so that enhances some of the energy of this space if you choose to use it. 

Within these rooms, there are no set rules on where to place the plant necessarily. As long as you pick somewhere in these zones in your home, depending on where you have room or which of these zones you want to give the attention and luck to , you will see the benefits of the money tree being there. Whether you would like to work on money, health, or fame, the Chinese Money Tree can be left in a different location for the best results. 

Somewhere With Lots of Indirect Light

The money tree likes to get plenty of light to stay strong. To make sure that it gets healthy and strong, there needs to be a good amount of indirect sunlight on the tree. If you put it in direct sunlight for too much of the day, it may cause sunburn on the leaves and can affect how healthy they are. This will never bring good health to your home. 

Pick a sunny area in the home, one that looks good and will make sure that the plant gets what it needs. If the plant is in direct sunlight for too long, even if you try to leave it in one of the three areas above, then it is time to move it around. 

Where It Fits Your Decor

If you are worried about traditional feng shui, then some of the locations we talked about in this section of the article will be important for increasing your luck and getting the money tree to work in your home. For others who don’t plan to follow the principles of feng shui, the best option may be to find any location in the home where the tree will complement your decor or where it will get all the great sunlight it needs. 

Even without following all the rules of feng shui, the money tree will be a great addition to your home, no matter where you leave it. Make sure that you give it plenty of water and good sunlight so it will continue to grow and bring you luck, and a great centerpiece in any room, for a long time to come. 

Where Should I Not Place My Chinese Money Tree?

It is not only important to put the tree somewhere safe and to bring you good luck, but there are also a few places where you should never place this tree. These can bring bad luck, will not provide good sunlight for the plant, and are generally discouraged. A few places you should avoid with your Chinese Money Tree include:

Near the Bathroom

While you may be able to argue that the bathroom provides the perfect temperature for this kind of plant, it is not a good option. It will throw off the feng shui in the home. If you place your money tree in this location, you will end up messing with the good fortune this tree is meant to bring. 

In Your “Love Area”

This would usually include your own bedroom, though when we look at the traditional form of feng shui, this will include the southwest corner of the home. Money and love are not meant to mix so you should make sure that your money tree, and all the good luck and fortune it promises to bring, are kept out of this area. 

Bedrooms without a lot of light and ones that seem to stay cold, especially during the winter, are not good options either. These will not provide the humidity, the sunlight, and other things that the money plant will need, so it is best to avoid. If you can ensure the plant will get enough light and warm enough temperatures, you can consider it, but it is often best to go with another location instead. 

Chinese Money Tree 7

How to Take Care of Your Chinese Money Tree

When we hear about the Chinese Money Tree, we assume that it is really hard to take care of this tree and keep it happy and healthy. However, you will quickly find that this plant doesn’t really take any more work than other plants, just a little sunlight, water, and care. 


We need to look at the sunlight. It is best to choose a sunny part of the home for this plant to give it all the nutrients that it needs. Direct sunlight is not necessary and may harm the plant if it is left in this kind of sunlight for too long. But a sunny room will help keep the plant happy most of the time. 


The temperature around your money tree is important as well. You need to make sure that it never gets too cold around this plant. It does well with a little bit of humidity too. This humidity will keep it moist and comfortable, and the heat will help it to grow a little bit better. 

Of course, if you choose the indirect sunlight, you will find this often provides a good amount of heat, coupled with the idea the plant will often stay inside. The normal temperature of your home is often warm enough to help but watch for signs of drooping and shriveling to see whether the plant likes the temperature or needs something a little warmer. 


Your plant will love the sun and may spend a bit of time bending around and trying to get as close to the sun as possible. If you don’t take care and leave the plant in the same location for too long, it may start to tilt and lean to one side over the other. 

The best way to fix this is to turn the plant around often. This doesn’t need to be done every day, but once every week or so is often enough. This helps to give the plant equal time in the sun, ensuring that it doesn’t stretch towards it to get the other side. And this helps to keep the even shape that your plant needs. 


Just like with other plants, it is important to give this one just the right amount of water each day. Too much water and you end up with the plant drowning and struggling with draining it out. Too little water and the plant is not able to get the nutrients and hydration that it needs. 

This plant will do best if you pick out a type of potting soil that drains well, adding in a few drainage holes when necessary. You need to check the soil before you add more water. The soil should be mostly dry between waterings, and you will need to add more water during the sunnier and warmer weather compared to the winter. 

Another thing to look at is the leaves to decide if the plant needs more water. If you start to notice the leaves are drooping a little, this is a good sign that it is time to add a little bit of water. Just add enough to get the soil to soften and wet, so you don’t overdo it with the plant. 

More Care Tips

Here are a few other tips that you should do to help take care of this plant. First, take time cleaning the plant off. Just like anything else, the leaves may accumulate some dust over time. Wipe them down once a month or so to help free the dust and keep the plants growing strong. 

You should also take the time to treat with all-purpose plant fertilizer. This should be done during both the spring and summer growing season to help your plant do well and get the additional nutrients it needs during these times as well. 

Should I Put My Chinese Money Tree Outside?

Many people who get this kind of plant wonder if it is safe to leave it outside. This will depend on how much sunlight you plan to give the plant and your current location. The plant will do well inside if you choose not to deal with the hassle, but you can also choose to put the plant outside. 

Only leave the plant outside when the temperatures start to go up because your money plant will not like the cold. You should also take some care to never let the plant be in direct sunlight because this can cause some issues too. Short times outside near indirect sunlight and warm weather are the best. 

Final Thoughts

While there may be many different plants you can choose from for your home, the Chinese Money Tree is unique and a lot of fun. It can technically go anywhere in the home that you would like, but if you wish to follow the simple principles of feng shui, you can put the plant in the exact right position to promote fame, money, and health. 

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